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My Names is Yames Isa, but I prefer to be called Jim. Please find my profile @YAMES ISA

I'm Indonesian

www.jimtok.com is my lab's of online business.

After graduating Diploma-3 (D3), from Polytechnic University of Indonesia (now Jakarta Polytechnic), Department of Accounting - Banking, in the Banking Study Program, in 1995, a year later I had the opportunity to work in a BUMN, namely Bank Bumi Daya (BBD). I was placed in Operational Affairs, Export-Import Section.

My job is to monitor the payment of export proceeds from the BBD branches, research, tracer, confirm, and make an Export Payment Note for them, then administer them.

On the sidelines of my busy life, I continued my education to the S1 level, at FISIP UI, Department of Business Administration, majoring Marketing Concentration. Successfully graduated in 1999.

At first, we used a manual typewriter, to make Notes that would be recorded by the Accounting Department. I tried to learn and master Data Based Systems, self-taught. Finally, until it can make a computer application for making a Memorandum.

The work that was done by 10 people, I can handle myself.

When 4 (four) SOE Banks merged to become Bank Mandiri, from the Operations Affairs for the Export-Import Section, I was the only one who joined, while the Section Chief and Section Chief, and other employees, totaling 10 people, took early retirement , did not go to Bank Mandiri.

The "dTrade" application that I made, was used at Bank Mandiri, and also used by 3 (three) other banks, which joined the merger, namely: BDN, Bank EXIM, Bapindo. (Ex Legacy Bank BUMN).

When Bank Mandiri, in the beginning would make the Electonic Banking Group (EBG), in 2001, I submitted a mutation.

As one of the teams that helped 'birth' the birth of the Internet and SMS Banking at Bank Mandiri, in mid-2005, I was promoted to become Section Head, a Department, at the Customer Care Group.

Then in 2007, he was transferred as Product Manager in the Department of Mass & Electronic Banking, with the position of Senior Manager.

My career at the bank ended, in the middle of 2009, when my father had a stroke. I want to take care of parents. At that time there was an early retirement employee program (PKPD), so that Bank Mandiri could be more efficient by streamlining employees.

With a compensation of 40 x Salary, I took the opportunity.

Beginning in 2009, I started the MSME business. With capital from early retirement, I opened a cafe business, and buying and selling services, as well as computer services.

In the middle of 2010, when the internet cafe began to mushroom, and the internet was easily accessed via Smart Phone. I am looking for additional income to become a Blue Bird driver.

In fact, at the suggestion of a friend, I once applied for a job at the Blue Bird Headquarters, but it hasn't been successful.

Not long, +/- 3 months, became a taxi driver, a friend who works as a contractor in the field of property, offered to work on Real Estate projects. I switched professions.

I have moved jobs several times, because the results I get are not significant with the effort that I have done.

Because more often support, and work in front of a PC / Laptop; I have many opportunities to access the internet. I use to explore the IT field.

Technically, I master SQL Server, MS Access, Website Development, SEO, VPS, and Cloud Based.

In the field of Management, I have experience as an MR for ISO 9001: 2015, Risk Management, IT Audit, HRD, Customer Care, and Product Development.

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